This simple stew combines all of the ingredients you want to eat more of: beans and hearty kale. The smoked paprika takes these simple ingredients and turns them into a balanced supper that you will return to again and again. There is the option of adding sausage for a heartier version. And I must confess the first time I made this, I turned it into breakfast: started with a can of fire roasted tomatoes, added the stew (about 1 ½ cups) waited until it was simmering and dropped in four eggs. It made a delicious brunch, with crusty toast for dipping and paired with our Apricot Cider.

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by Chris Lehault

Cider makes for an excellent cocktail ingredient. It lightens drinks while adding both depth and character. Perfect for highballs, coolers, and even fluted drinks, the cider's diversity as a cocktail mixer makes it one of the most overlooked ingredients behind the bar today. For these recipes I want to stay close to the cocktail tradition but also create drinks that reflected Washington's revival of small-batch distilling. Each recipe is a variation on a classic.

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