This cake is very versatile and can be made with apples, pears, peaches, plums, or any full-flavored, slightly acidic fruit. Arrange the sliced fruit as you would for a Tarte Tatin, slightly overlapping in the brown sugar. Read More
We had friends over and cooked a feast! This pairing menu creates a great evening; so gather your friends and cook up a feast, then sit down together and enjoy these cider pairings. Read More
Cider is a new beverage to many people and they don’t know what to serve it with. When we started discussing what enclosures to design for our cider shipments, I asked our graphics designer, Anna Marie Farmer, what she would want to see listed in our brochure, and she said, “Pairings!” If we suggested pairings then we had to ask people what foods they liked with which ciders thus the pairing dinners were conceived. Read More
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